DRAGOSSIDO ACADEMY LIMITED is Parties Organiser and School of Performing and we do lessons as parties, lessons during parties and parties as lessons.

Do you want try to learn the world of Theatre? mainly the theatre is made up of actors and dancers, because that’s what all the spectators will see, but there are many roles such as technicians (set designers, sound engineers, light engineers, costume designers, assistants) and roles of great responsibility such as the director. We teach all of this roles.

Do you have children who would like to learn the world of theatre? No problem. In addition to acting and dancing in our musicals (such as Aladdin, Lion King, Cinderella, Peter Pan and many others), or to support the musicals creating scenography or music, we will also teach them to trust and believe in themselves.

Do you have a group of friend or colleagues/employees to celebrate something with and you don’t know what to do? You are in the right place because we organise corporate events, conferences, parties, birthday, hen parties, stag parties and even more. You book a dance lesson, an acting lessons, or an Arts and Craft lessons and you can also book a regular lesson with your friend to learn a full show, an acting or a lot of Arts and Crafts.

OUR PRICES ARE ALL INCLUSIVE WITHOUT STRESS. You don’t need to think of the venue, we will book and pay it for you.


We are inspired by life of Pierre Dulaine represented by Antonio Banderas In the Film “Take the Lead” (click here to see our post). He was saying: “If you can walk, you can dance too”.

Just a Photomontage

Dance is for everyone. Usually girls want to dance, boys don’t, thinking: “Oh, this not for me!” but then, when they begin to know and be confident, three or four lessons later, they love it.


Arts and craft could be paper and glue or ballon modelling

You can start with us a new hobby like painting or make little objects too

We are based in Cambridge but we operate in a range of 60-80 miles from Cambridge.

Map 60-80 ,miles from Cambridge


From 2017 we provvide an high level of parties where to learn Arts and crafts and choreography. We offer a big range of classic choreography: Grease, Mammamia, Dirty Dancing, and many others. We offer also an high range of choreographed style: Burlesque, Cheerleader, Can Can, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Tango, Mambo, Twist, 1970’s music, 1980’s music, 1990’s music, and many others. We can give also a personalised service with “choose your song” where costumer can choose one song or a singer on which we develop a special choreography to teach to the guests of your party.

6 years of previous experience in following show: Some show: Cats – Grease – Tarzan – Aladdin – Lion King – The Emperor’s New Groove – Sister act (like film) – Titanic – Robin hood, Dracula and Spaceball (of Mel Brooks) Notre Dame Des Paris (short version of Italian show of Riccardo Cocciante) – Ghostbusters – Happy Feet – Noting Hill – A bug’s life. 


The others dance school offer you to learn a style or more than one, we offer you to learn a whole choreography and a whole show.

We provvide a “no worry” service. Our price include the renting venue, so you don’t need stress about where to do your party or your lesson.


This is the right place for you!

WE BOOK THE STUDIO and If you want you will go on the stage in a real theatre