Q: What do you do?

A: We teach acting, performing and dancing

Q: What do I learn?

A: With us, you will learn a show and then a whole choreography of a musical show or our special realization.

3rd February 2018

Big problems? I don't think so! Dancing is taking one step after another following the tempo of the music, as the soldier's march or a normal walk. Dancing requires the discipline of the soldier enclosed in the simplicity of a walk. If you know how to walk you know how to dance, but you will learn how to use it with discipline, rules, respect and education.

Video project


DRAGOSSIDO ACADEMY LIMITED is Cambridge school of choreographed dances and acting for adults where you will learn to dance a whole choreography and a complete show. Do you want to try something really new, fun, enjoyable and fabulous? This is the right place for you! Here you will learn to dance a choreography and a whole show